Chinese Pixie Part II


I finally got back to the workshop last night and built the Chinese Pixie I'd bought a couple months ago.  Here are my observations:

1.  The parts supplied did not match the schematic.  Too many 0.01u caps, not enough 0.1u caps, and three left overs.

2.  The holes for capacitor leads were on 0.2" centers, while the parts supplied were mini disks with 0.1" spacing.

3.  No thermal reliefs on grounded pads - took a lot of heat to solder into the ground plane.

4.  Aside from the caps, all the axial components were installed 'hairpin' style.

5.  No toroids - all inductors were molded axial type.

6.  There were extra holes for the DC input and RF output connectors so the builder could hard wire to a connector off-board if desired - a nice touch!

7.  All traces were heavy, at least 0.02" so very little risk of lifting or burning a trace.

I'll be firing it up and putting it on a scope this weekend.  Stay tuned.

73 Dave NM0S

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