Re: 60 mtr rig

Don Wilhelm <w3fpr@...>

Add a mixer - and rather than crystals, use a DDS controlled by a Raspberry Pi.
The RF section from the mixer to the final output is no more difficult than for more simple rigs.  60 meters and 40 meters in the same rig is possible with a low pass filter having a cutoff frequency of 8 to 9 MHz - so the dual band operation is simply a matter of programming.
Add a relay to the LPF to bring the cutoff down to the 6 MHz region and 80 meters could be easily added.
With the mixer already included, it is conceivable to expand it to SSB and DATA mode use as well with just the addition on a balanced modulator and some audio input circuits.


On 7/10/2015 8:38 AM, wb8yyy@... [4sqrp] wrote:

Interesting idea -- but it has its challenge -- I can't imagine that an appropriate xtal exists, that precisely matches one of the allocated 'channels' in this band, if indeed one can be found to even fall into this band. 

I think I see where you are going -- it might provide some useful propagation when 40m is 'too long.' 

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