Re: Chinese Pixie Part II

John Clements

Looks like you saw many of the same things I did during the build.

One thing I can't check was the output.  Would be interesting to see if a LPF is needed and what harmonics are coming out.

The A/C noise is terrible with a 35+ year old power supply but moving to a battery solved that problem.  Also no dice with FLDigi decoding in the daytime and ended up using an audio filter to remove the highs.  Can't complain after making a 280 miles QSO with it.  What more fun can you have for $7 now days?

I was disappointed in the Frog, definitely not the power out as claimed but with a simple cut and wire turned the RF gain pot into a RIT control.  Rockmite (non-PIC) version is nice but ended up jumpering out the CPU and fixed the audio "squeal" issue.  Want to try the newer Rockmite (w/ PIC) and see if it's any better.

The Chinese 49-er and tuner kits arrived in the mail yesterday.  Now just need to catch up at catching up and I can build/play with those also!

John kc9on

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