Re: Chinese Pixie Part II

Leland L. Bahr

The condenses of those that have built these rigs is, they do work "as is" with less then advertised power because the two transistors are of poor quality.  Put in two decent transistors and they put out much more power.  As for the two included cores, any ham with a little knowledge realizes the powdered iron core goes in the pi-network.  I assume the kit provider figured US hams were at least smart enough to realize this.  I have numerous examples of these rigs myself, but have not bothered to date to build them up.  When I do it, I'll make sure to use a couple adequate replacement transistors.  These little kits are a super bargain, they just need a little "tweeking".  They would make excellent little rigs to be used by a local club for local code practice amoung themselves.  Crystals to change them over to higher 40 meter frequencies a Tech can be purchased for around $2.00.  The silk screened glass PC board alone is worth $7!!!
Lee, w0vt

Extra class is below 7025 kHz, so I don't believe the author of that webpage knows what he is talking about.
So much for stuff from China.  I would not pay even $7 to find out if it was worthwhile.


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