Ozark Patrol

Bob Reisenweber <w3bbo1@...>

When the latest batch was announced, I immediately sent in my order and received the kit last week. Sunday, I put everything together and to my disappointment, no signals. This is the first kit that hasn't worked for me from the get-go. (Built the K2, Sierra, SST, OHR-100 and others) I've checked everything twice, both component ID and location. The headphones seem better than the speaker...lots of hiss, but no signals.

I've made three different "gimmick capacitors" and even tried using my Elecraft XG-1 signal generator to insert a signal at 7.040 to no avail.

What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions welcomed. With the regen control fully counter-clockwise, the Q1 collector (can) is at 0 Volts. Increasing the regen pot shows voltage. The more clockwise you turn the control, the more the voltage increases. Something is screwed up.


73 de Bob W3BBO

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