Re: Ozark Patrol


I couldn't leave my Ozark Patrol on the kept calling me!  It bothered me that when the regen control was turned fully counter-clockwise, there would be no voltage at the collector of Q1.  I started off by re-heating every connection with the iron.  Still zero volts at Q1.

Looking closer at the regen pot (R4), its tabs look like they could be better positioned on the solder tabs.  I remove C13 and unsolder the pot.  Re-aligned the tabs into proper position and re-soldered everything.  Turning the power back on to the unit I have a couple volts at Q1 with the R4 pot fully counter-clockwise.

I hook up the antenna and ground connections and...hey, I got signals! 

Thanks to all for your comments and suggestions.  Thanks to 4sqrp for making the kit available.  I don't think it will replace my K2, but should be fun to play with!

73 de Bob W3BBO  

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