T1 Autotuner for sale

Jim Sheldon

This is still available - I figured to give the 4SQRP group first crack at it before posting it elsewhere.
Jim - W0EB
I have an Elecraft T1, QRP auto tuner,  that I'd like to see get a good home.  It will handle 20 watts (5 times normal QRP levels) with ease and it has latching relays to keep battery usage to a minimum. It will match a wide range of antenna configurations.  A special cable (optional) is available from Elecraft that integrates it with a Yaesu FT-817 and will operate using the FT-817's "Tune" button.
This one was built by me, tested with a 4SQRP SS40RX/TX and meets all Elecraft's specs.
Elecraft's price for the kit is $139.95 plus shipping.  I'm asking $130 for it, including shipping to anywhere in the U.S. (PayPal or USPS money order accepted).  I'd prefer not to ship it internationally due to the high cost of postage.
Please email me off list to w0eb@... for pix or further details and the f
irst "I'll take it" (by date/time of the email) gets right of first refusal.  
Jim Sheldon, W0EB
2029 East Evanston Dr.
Park City, KS 67219-1618

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