Re: AMECO AC-1 issues


Sorry about the circumstances, but have fun digging into it and making all new again.  You will be all the more proud of it when done.  Take your time and do forget the TLC.

I do hope you can find all the parts you need, and they are reasonably priced.  These days, if available, tubes just seem to cost way too much, but then they aren't being manufactured in the quantities they were years ago....

On 7/15/2015 12:23 PM, weaselradio1@... [4sqrp] wrote:

There are a lot of good comments here. Yes, I believe I was a little too anxious to get this working to fully check out the components before applying power. Lesson learned.

Dave, your right! There is a failed component downstream of the transformer and I'm sure the transformer was an induced failure due to this problem. I noticed one of the tubes was had arcing inside the tube instead of the normal glow and the other tube didn't seem to have any power (no glow). I believe there was smoke coming from the electrolytic capacitor after I pulled power as well as the transformer. It looks like I will get to spend some quality time with the whole transmitter before I apply power again.


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