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Rick Bennett

I can also vouch for the Kenwood TH-F6.  I have an older version and it is a very well made radio and not too difficult to program (not as easy as say the IC-2AT, but I can figure it out without the manual).  The battery as a lithium ion and I have never had to replace it. The battery charging circuit is built in, so any 12 volt power source will charge it.  It is on high end price wise for an HT, but worth the money IMHO.

de KC0PET, Rick

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Listen up, Doc.

The Kenwood TH-6F has been in continuous production for 18 years!  When you carefully investigate its wide-ranging capabilities, you'll see why. 

I even use it to chase down rfi around the house and the neighborhood, or for casual listening anywhere to just about anything that's being radiated on almost any frequency, cell phone blocked of course, but there are people who probably can hack even that out. 

Lots TH-6Fs are being sold, and by lots of competing suppliers, so bite the bullet, shop around and go for something you can and will use every day.


Charles (aka Chas), W2SH

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I'd concur with Wayne on the FT-60R. Saw one at Gigaparts for $65, but the price at most places is $150 up. Several friends have them.

I like my Kenwood TH-6F, but it is considerably more capable at a corresponding price...

73 john k5js

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This might provoke some laughs, but I'm serious.  I'm thinking about getting a 2M HT for a goes anywhere" bag. I want someting small, rugged and high signal quality.  I have had various  Icom and Yaesu units (and still have my first radio - Yaesu FT 416...still works, but it's time to get a new toy since I have managed to get my HF stuff together.  I haven't bought an HT in years.

 I don't care if the HT has digital modes. I don't need menus out the wazu....Just quality, simple 2M HT.  This just going to be a radio I take everywhere I can for operating whenever I have some spare time.  I do  good bit of outdoor activity and have learned how much fun this can be.  I once hit an OK panhandle repeater with my little Yaesu (from the top of Pike's Peak).

I'm now putting together a  minimalist  2M in a bag set up and have a nice padded bag, an auxillary 
Li-ion power pack a solar charger on the way several ultralight antennas.

I think this will be another good way to get new poeple interrested in our as well has providin me another fun activity.
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