Re: 2M HT

Jeremy Utley

If you had driver problems, chances are you got a programming cable with one of the counterfeit Prolific serial chips in it.  I ended up buying a cable from Amazon with a FTDI chip in it, and haven't had a bit of trouble with it.  CHIRP is a good piece of software, and I like how you can program multiple radios all at once with it - plus the fact it's cross-platform is great too!  I use it for nearly all of my programmable radios now!


On Sun, Jul 19, 2015 at 4:42 PM, weaselradio1@... [4sqrp] <4sqrp@...> wrote:

I bought mine on Amazon for under $30. There are a lot of issues with the software. I'm using Chirp now, and I had to go online for the instructions on getting the right drivers. It took a while to crack the code, but it works well.

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