Shooting trouble in fresh-built cyclone 40

Kenneth Ketner


I am a newbie to this list, although not to qrp or kit building or to following the history of the excellent 4sqrp club.

Recently I acquired a cyc 40 unbuilt kit from the web, built same, on first test, heard a few cw sigs, but then it went down from there. Didn't complete the tx alignment steps because unable to make rx align steps work. My kit is serial number 10, and and it has a number of mods required .... for first 100 boards. Because this kit sat around before I got it, there could be some component issues. It is a promising rig that I want to see in good shape. Don't trust my diagnosis skills, being more of a tube dude than solid state (especially those SS components with more than 3 leads), so hoping I can locate an ace trouble shooter who can get it going. It is a promising xcvr. Can send rig and papers, etc. if you are willing. Would want to pay for this service.

Vy 73 all

Ken Ketner
PO Box 65135
Lubbock, TX 79464-5135
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