Re: Wednesday 40m Net


OK guys,

Here's what it sounded, or didn't sound, like in NJ:

KV6Z    549
WA9PWP   589/599  (gotta learn Paul's mojo!)
W2SH    I got Bill's 549
KDØWF   449
N2QFD   589   (only 155 miles distant)
NUØS   579/589
N5AF   Inaudible
WNØI   229


Charles (aka Chas), W2SH  


To: 4sqrp@...
From: 4sqrp@...
Date: Wed, 5 Aug 2015 18:31:45 -0700
Subject: [4sqrp] Wednesday 40m Net


WOO HOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 QNIs and 6 states!!!!!!!!!!!
A great net!

WA9PWP      Paul       Stoughton, WI
W2SH           Chas       Millington, NJ
KD0WF         Jim         Columbia, MO
N2QFD          Mal         Elmira, NY
NU0S            Scotty     Lincoln, NE
N5AF            Sam        Cleveland, TX  (running 250 mw !)
WN0I            Andy       Jefferson, MO
KV6Z            Bill          Claremore, OK (NCS)

Thanks everybody for a great net

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