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I’ve used RUFZ a lot over the years.  Lots of fun. 
Boy, some of those long DX callsigns with the portable prefixes are indeed hard to catch – especially if they’re coming at you at over 50 WPM.
I don’t think there’s a way to change the database it uses.  RUFZ has a scoring feature as I’m sure you know, with scores posted on line.  So they work to keep things very consistent.
Another nice RUFZ-like program I’ve found is called CW_freak_NET.exe, from Japan.  It also uploads scores and so on.
Nick, WA5BDU


Nick is correct.  You may not change the data base or the technique used to test

Another program that you can use for single callsigns is 'morserunner'.
It is a contest simulator, but do not let that scare you.

Bring up the program.  Unselect all the boxes on the right hand side like
QRM, QRN, LIDS, ....  QSB and Flutter.  Reduce the Activity to 1.

You set your call, cw speed, CW pitch and RX bandwidth in the upper right boxes.

You can set the Run time to a time that you want to practice.  Start with a value like
10 or 15 mins.  Work your way up to a marathon. 

Next go to the upper top left menus and pull down Run.  There is an option for
single calls.   This is the one that you want.

Hit the Run button on the lower right.  With your headphones you will here a hiss
like a  typical receiver with atmospheric noise.  Hit return and you will send CQ.

Then the fun begins.  A station will come back to you at the speed you set or lower.
You type in their call and hit return.  The program will send their call, then like a true
contester it will send 599 and then a Nr, starting with 001.  But beware.  The program
uses cut numbers.  So s for 5 and t for 0.  The rest are normal.

This program teaches you to use some function buttons to resend some of the
information requested by the station worked.  A log is kept in the main window
and you get to see your errors.  Don't worry about the score and don't send
in the results.  They don't take them any more as the source to the program is
in public domain now. 

This program will remind the old timers of DR DX from the Commodore computer
days of old in the late 70s and early 80s.  DR DX was probably the best training
program ever for contesters.  IMHO



chuck, k7qo

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