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One of my projects these days is a LPFM radio station.
That's 95.5 MHz, broadcast type of radio station, low
power, 100 Watts, serving a radius of a few miles.

We plan to broadcast audio books from the collection at Check it out sometime. They can always
use more readers with good microphone habits and a clear
speaking voice.

Anyway, When I eventually get this thing on the air,
I was thinking about filling up the hours. It came
to my mind to have a "secret code" radio show, about
a minute or two long, and teach kids morse code. It
could be the Morse Minute or the Code Club or suchlike.

I'm thinking a letter or two every show.
And it would be cool to sign off with a bit of morse
text and have the kids decode it and send in to win a small prize.

This would be on FM radio in our little area here,
and via podcast when we get that up and going.

Well, I am neck deep in just trying to get the station off
the ground. If there is a real morse grandpa
out there who would like to give it a go, I'd
love to hear from you.

Columbus, Mississippi


I can help you on the Morse.  Send the characters at 17WPM with lots
of spacing. 

How many hours a day are you on?  Repeat the 1 min Morse at regular
intervals.  Say 10, 2 and 4 like the old Dr Pepper?

Let me know what you need.  MP3 files I can send to you and they
should not be large.

chuck, k7qo

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