Re: A CW radio show for kids

chuck adams <chuck.adams.k7qo@...>

I apologize to the group at large. The email wasn't meant
to go to the group. It's what I get for not looking at the TO:
on the mailer.

But, since I did it, let me add on one more thing. If you
want, you can ask the kids to send you their name and
address for the contest. I can send each one of them
a copy of my code course for free. They work on the
course at the same time. This so you won't be out an
expense. Or I can send you a copy and you make all
the copies you need and mail them or give them out.

We start with some simple code groups of random letters.
Then mail in their results. You have a weekly tally of who
is in the lead, by first name only or some pseudo name
they give you so that they know and have bragging rights.

I and others can come up with prizes for them and one
grand prize every month to the lucky winner. One per
kid...... :-)

Just an idea. Then they can learn the code at their own
rate and time they have for study.

This reminds me of the Little Orphan Annie decoder ring
without the advertisement. Or, get local stores to put
in an ad and the kid comes by to collect a reward. :-)

chuck, k7qo

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