Re: Sounding Good tonite


Don't worry Jeremy just send your call out there.

I never did get Morse code and Terry always slows down for me. Both of our net controls are really good people and they will slow down for ya. Make sure you get checked in next week.

I am in Western OK and if the power line noise is not bad here to where I can hear Terry its not often that I don't work him and I am sure you would make the trip. You are pretty close to Wayne and would be interesting to see if you could make that trip as well.

72 Pat KD4OBQ


Jeremy wrote;
Terry's sounding good down here into SEKS tonite on the late net. I REALLY
gotta start working on my CW copy skills again....I can only catch about
every 4th or 5th letter after 15 years away from working morse! Would love
to just check in to see if I could make the trip up there tho!

Jeremy, N9PH
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