Re: Rockmite][-60 Success

Johnny AC0BQ

Cool Chuck!
Glad it's working for you.
I will have a listen on my kx3.
Johnny AC0BQ

On Wednesday, August 26, 2015, Chuck Carpenter w5usj@... [4sqrp] <4sqrp@...> wrote:

Had a nice QSO with Joe, KF0XV, on Channel 5, 5.405 MHz, 1230 z.
Still intense QRN but not as strong as the earlier time.

Distance about 500 miles. Around 100 mi per Watt... ;-)

Using the 88 EDZ for the 60 m antenna. Seems to be doing the job

Fun stuff...

Chuck Carpenter, W5USJ
EM22cv, Rains Co. TX

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