Result of survey

John Lonigro

If you recall, I asked if anyone had strong opinions regarding whether the SSS is held on the 2nd Sunday of September (in conflict with Brutus) or the 3rd Sunday (no Brutus conflict). Here are the results of that informal survey:

The opinions could be grouped into the following two subgroups:

1) Don't let Brutus push you around. Keep the SSS on the 2nd Sunday.

2) It's only one week different. Please move the SSS to the 3rd Sunday.

I counted the ballots (twice) and here are the results:

Number of people wanting to keep the SSS on the 2nd Sunday: 1

Number of people wanting to move the SSS to the 3rd Sunday: 1

This hotly contested survey ended up in a tie! I decided to only count the votes of those who usually participate in the SSS. The indisputable winner, using that criterion, is that we should move the SSS to the 3rd Sunday of September.

So, barring any cries for a recount (hanging chad, etc), the Second Sunday Sprint will be held on the third Sunday of the month, which is the 20th. For this month only, consider it the September Sunday Sprint (SSS), not the Second Sunday Sprint.

My thanks to all (both) of the voters for their participation. I guess Brutus is just too big to ignore. I let him push the contest into the following week. I will send my usual reminders during the week of the 13th.


John, AA0VE

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