Re: 4S 40m Wednesday Night Net

AG1P Ron

Here in OR, I heard Terry and Johnny just above the noise level but condx not good enough to hear ncs or carry on a QSO.

72 - Ron - AG1P


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Good band conditions tonight and a great net !
Here is the QNI list:

AC0BQ        Johnny     Lebo, KS
N0YJ            Bert         Silver Lake, KS
WA9PWP    Paul         Stoughton, WI
W2SH          Chas       Millington, NJ
NX1K           Mark        Milwaukee, WI
WA0ITP       Terry        Ottumwa, IA
KK5IB          Darryl      Jonesboro, AR
NU0S           Scotty      Lincoln, NE
K2HT           Dick         Wellsville, MO
KD0WF        Jim          Columbia, MO
N5AF           Sam         Cleveland, TX
KV6Z           Bill           Claremore, OK (NCS)

Great Net.
I hope I got everybody.



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