Re: Big Brutus draws near... Roll call?

Jim Sheldon

Unless the weather is totally crappy that weekend, I plan on being there.  I'll most likely arrive Saturday morning around 9 or so and will either sleep in my SUV or a hotel in Pittsburg. 
If I make it, I will have some really good 12 volt, 9 amp hour, tab terminal sealed lead acid batteries with me.  These will be offered for $10 each or 2 for $15 and all will be tested and fully charged.
I'm bringing my Elecraft KX3, PX3 and the KXPA100 amp along.  Yeah, yeah, this is a QRP outing but I'm also going to be running some antenna tests on a rapidly deployable portable/emergency 31' extendable, helically wound fiberglass pole/antenna.  Might need the 100 watt power level to keep some skeds and for 80/160 meter early morning tests.
The station will be available for anyone that doesn't own a KX3 or has never had the chance to operate one.  Not trying to sell them, just give people a chance to play with a really nice rig.
Jim - W0EB

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Hi Group,

I am looking forward to the Brutus bash this year, and its drawing close!  

Was out in the warm weather yesterday getting the van ready and a few other

things done that needed doing.

I have reservations made for Thursday night thru Saturday night.   I  may

not get there until Friday  night, depending on some things going on.

Wondering if we could have a roll call of who is going to make it, when you plan to

arrive, ect. 

Hope to see a large turn out, and some new faces!

73 - Arnie KA0NCR

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