OT: For Sale, 1979 Vibroplex Original bug

Jim Sheldon

I'm putting my somewhat unusual 1979 Vibroplex original bug up for sale - offering it here before listing it on the auction sites.  This one isn't really rare but does have some things going for it.  It has the tan base rather than black or chrome.  These were available but very few were ordered on the "Original" version of the bugs.  Also, the serial number puts it in the first production run after Vibroplex moved from their Broadway St, NYC address to Portland, Maine.  The Portland factory started serial numbering their production with much lower numbers sometime after this one was made.  It still has the Broadway St. NYC label on it but Vibroplex's historical records indicate it was actually made in the Portland factory.
It's in good (not super) shape, showing normal wear and tear from use and the label has been re-glued.  It will come with an original Vibroplex carrying case that is all original except the leather carrying handle has been replaced (by me).  The old handle had gotten torn and was lost.  Carrying cases in this condition are getting hard to find.
Asking $150 shipped anywhere in the US for the package and high resolution pictures will be emailed on request.
Please reply off the reflector if you are interested in this key.
Jim Sheldon  - W0EB

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