Re: Big Brutus draws near... Roll call?


Hi Terry,

Planning on getting down there Thursday evening, if weather looks promising.  Supposed
to be rainy here most of the first part of the week.  If its crummy yet, I may wait til Friday...

Not sure what I am going to bring along.  Might try to tailgate flea Mkt. a few items, but not sure which yet.
 I have an IC-703+ that I might bring along, an Elecraft K2-10 with SSB, Audio filters, internal tuner.  Might bring a KX1 - 4 bands, with internal  tuner and paddles, or some other odds and ends.  

I had to send my K3s in to have a thermal problem corrected and it will not be back home 
in time to bring it along.  It supposed to show up sometime  Friday!   Gaaah!  Most likely 
it would be late in the afternoon.  
It would have been fun to see how well it could hear in a low noise area with a couple
of antennas running diversity RX.    

73 - Arnie KA0NCR

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