80M CW Net Checkins

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Nice net tonight, 80 was pretty good and seems to get better each week.  Deep QSB at times, but not a problem.  At the beginning I thought I heard Bill KV6Z call, but he didn't come back.  I also thought I heard Chas W2SH, but lost him also.  I've been know to make a whole QSO out of band noise when I'm desperate so they might not have been there. :o)  Bart was using his new KX3 which was delivered the day before Brutus. 

Bart and Johnny struck up a QSO after net,  good to hear them having a nice chat.  Bill used to work new contacts after net while chasing the W25 certificate.  This is a good use of the net freq, keep at it everyone.  Hope to see you tmrrw on 7122 at 8AM

Making it in with good signals were:

I love this radio stuff!
72 73

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