2021 Sasquatch Stomp Scores Posted

Wayne McFee

Hello All,


We have posted the 2021 Sasquatch Stomp scores in a pdf file on the Sasquatch Stomp page here:




This year’s top scorer was Bill, WA7NCL, with a score of  -374,115 points.  Congratulations, Bill.  Mark, K7NEW came in second and Jack, W7LD came in third.


Numbers were definitely down this year, both in terms of contacts made and the number of score sheets turned in.  Having the sunspots totally disappear on the day of the event was no doubt a factor in that.  We will hope that conditions improve by next time, and they should.


A big thank you to everyone who participated.  A special mention for John, AL7JK, who listened carefully up in AK, but had no contacts.  Thanks for being there, John.




Wayne  NB6M