FS: QRP radios



I am posting the following on behalf of a dear friend of mine.  
All equipment is in very good physical and electrical condition and has been 
bench tested for proper operation.
All prices are FIRM and include insured shipping within the U.S..
A&A 40 Meters 5W QRP CW transceiver.  Gary Breed design kitted by A & A Engineering.
There are two of these units, each one in a slightly different housing.
$85.00 per unit.
Hendricks QRP Kits PFR-3A, 3-band QRP CW transceiver.  Has the optional battery status
indicator (BSI) and knurled knob housing screws.  Includes printed manual.
Oak Hills Research (OHR) QRP Spirit 40 Meters 5W CW transceiver.
Ten-Tec Argonaut 509, 5-band CW/SSB transceiver.  This classic QRP radio is as it was 
manufactured by T-T; NO modifications have been performed.  Includes printed schematic
Photographs of the equipment can be viewed here: < >
Only the radios in the "QRP Radios For Sale" album are available for purchase.
If you wish to purchase, please email: < mjs6.mer@... >
If you have questions regarding the equipment only, please email: < 42smithsm@... >
Please reply by direct email ONLY.  Replies to the List/Group will be ignored.
Thank you and 73.......Steve Smith WB6TNL