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Hidden Oscillators


            At the conclusion of the prize drawings on Saturday I’m going to activate 2 small rf oscillators and hide them somewhere in or around the Stonecastle.

            They will be hidden in “common” areas that are accessible to anyone at any time. Nothing will have to be disassembled and nothing of any major consequence will have to be moved to locate them. They will be stationary and their retrieval will not require you to be in an unsafe situation.

            The oscillators are set to approximately 7116.59 kHz and 7120.96 kHz. They switch on for about 1.5 seconds and off for about the same amount of time. You will be able to hear them with your cw receiver. (Actually it’s possible to “hear” them with just a portable AM shortwave receiver but during the ‘on’ time it will just quiet the receiver and you won’t get the nice CW note without a BFO). I’ll let them run until someone finds them or until I have to leave on Sunday.

            The prizes this year will be $50 gift certificates from TAYDA.



Good luck.