Ham planning Katy Trail across-MO bicycle trip

KD4MSR, Scott

4States Friends:  
I’m Scott, KD4MSR, a.k.a. “Professor L.O. Power,” a 20-year member of the North Georgia QRP Club ( I’m planning to ride my bicycle across Missouri on the Katy Trail the last week of May.  If any of you have favorite campgrounds right on the Trail, recommendations of 2 mtr or 440 analog repeaters along the route, must eat at restaurants, etc., I would appreciate your advice.

Scott H. Sikes
Atlanta, GA 
Kd4msr ( at )


HI Scott,

I'm assuming you've done the rails-to-trails riding before.  KATY is crushed gravel, so prepare for the associated dust & drive train wear.  There are some good breweries and wineries along the route (a hike up to Montel might be worth it, depending upon how heavy all your gear is -- they have a lovely large deck with a scenic view of the surrounding area.  Wine, too!). is a pretty good website for info, as are others (plenty of info on the web for the KATY).

Enjoy your ride, let us know how it goes -- no 40m gear?

david gauding

Hello Scott.

I don't know your planned pace but starting in Machens at the eastern terminus (St. Charles, MO) a good place to overnight the first day could be Klondike Park. See:  It's about thirty-three miles out. Cabins (reserve early) and primitive camping are available and the park is right on the trail. You can catch lunch or dinner at either bar & grill in Defiance, MO about half-way down the trail on day one. There are quite a few wineries along this stretch too. You won't go hungry or thirsty!

My wife and I started riding the Katy in 1990 when it first opened. These days we live about eight miles from the trail. Sandy still rides it occasionally but health issues keep me off now. I still run QRP portable at Klondike from time-to-time and several other shady spots near/along the trail.

Can't help you on repeaters but I'm sure others will chime in. You will want to set some time side for historic Rocheport, MO and Hermann, MO. Plenty of shops and restaurants to choose from there.

As someone has already mentioned the trail is hard on bikes. I read it's 3/8" minus grade limestone. Bad enough when it's dry but can be a real pain when wet. That said it is still a good riding surface and the scenery is ever changing.

Good;luck with your ride. I trust you will be operating portable along the way. Please keep us posted.

Dave Gauding, NF0R