Ozarkcon Sprint correction and score submittal

John Lonigro

I have an apology to make.  I said Johnny's instructions were clear, and they were, but I still managed to screw up a little.  I misread it when he listed the duration of the sprint.  I believe it is only from 8:00 am CDT till 8:00 pm CDT, today only.  When he listed the times, he said:

"8:00 am cdst, 13:00Z 04-04 to 8:00 pm cdst 1:00Z 04-05".

What I saw was 8:00 am CDT April 4th (today) till 8:00 pm April 5th (tomorrow).  I failed to consider the UTC times, to which the dates referred.  Obviously, 8:00 pm CDT today is 0100Z tomorrow.  My mistake.

While I have your attention (if I still do), please get your scores sent to me by Sunday night.  I plan to start tabulating things Monday morning (0800 CDT or 1300Z).  Remember, send them to jonigro (at)  Do NOT enter them on the website.

72, be healthy, and good luck in the contest,

John, AA0VE
4SQRP Contest Coordinator