Quarantined @ Ice Station Zebra, 2100Z, 14061, 9 April 2020


w0rw quarantined at Ice Station Zebra,  9  April 2020.
14061 @ 2100Z.
14280 or 14285 @ 2130Z.
Condx are poor. A Index = 20.

Everything is frozen there, no viruses or snakes can live at these temperatures or altitudes.
It was +10F last week at night, The ground is still frozen. Still a few snow drifts..
You can see the sky over Ice Station Zebra at:
More snow coming this week end.
i am just travelling from 'Base Station' to 'Ice Station', No stops in between.
Pictures of Ice Station Zebra at: http://tinyurl.com/zgss4yu

Paul   w0rw