Want to have some fun?

Michael McEwen

This sounds like a great idea. I'll try to get my mobile station set up on the patio.
72/73, Doc K5OSA

Dr Jim Kennedy

How about this for a thought. ARRL Field Day is coming up in a few weekends. There will be a lot of CW operators working from home. Many will have limited experience with CW and will have licenses from Novice through Extra. Why not make a plan to work that contest strictly on the Novice frequencies. In that way many OPs will be able to numerous contacts, have a little fun, log some new states or counties or grid squares, help out Novices (the somewhat forgotten class of amateurs), and improve your (not that you need to) CW sending and receiving skills under contest conditions.


You will find me on the Novice bands.
*72/73, Doc - K2PHD*

*72/73, Doc - K2PHD
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