Wednesday nite nets Please not NCS Changes for this week only

Virgil R. Hammond <n0tgr@...>

Wed. nite PSK didn't happen, sorry fellows your NCS was working a 1/2 mile of fence and the
ole sandman got him in that easy chair.   See ya all next week,  Dick N0TGR

Wayne Dillon

Changes for this week only:
I will be calling the 01:00z 80m net while Terry journey's back from Branson and will continue with it until 02:00z, Terry should be back by then, If we get through with the 80m net by 01:30z then I will QSY to 40 (7.122 or thereabouts, keep an eye on QRP Spots). If we're going on past 01:30 then I will QSY to '40 whan '80 is played out. Nevertheless  I will be on '40 at 02:30z

The Four State QRP Comfortable nets meet each Wednesday night
beginning at 7:00 PM CST, 0100z. It's gonna be a great night to
stay in, stay warm, and play radio.  Tonight let's exchange our
4SQRP numbers.

If we have to QSY, I like to move up, Wayne likes to move down,
and Dick doesn't have to move much at all.

Add anything to the exchange that you wish, temp rig, ant, etc.
Checking into both, or even all, sessions is encouraged.
Who will be the first to check into all of them?

7:00 CST 0100z ... 80M CW Net on 3564,  KC0PMH NCS.
7:30 CST 0130z ... 40M CW Net on 7122,  KCØPMH NCS
8:00 CST 0200z ... 80M CW Net on 3564,  WAØITP NCS.
8:30 CST 0230z ... 40M CW Net on 7122,  KCØPMH NCS
9:00 CST 0300z ... 80M PSK Net on 3580.5,  NØTGR NCS

All are welcome!  After the nets, a list of checkins will be
posted on the Four State reflector.

72/3 es God Bless de Wayne - KC0PMH

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The Lord bless you and keep you
The Lord make His face shine upon you, and be gracious unto you
The Lord lift up his contenance upon you and give you peace.

God Bless from Wayne Dillon - KC0PMH

Joshua 24:14-15
2 Cor 5:17
1 Jn 2:17

4 State QRP Group NCS - 40m & 160m
4SQRP #95
FPQRP #342 (Flying Pigs QRP Club)
G-QRP-C #11504
NAQCC # 0759
QRP-ARCI #11505
SKCC #1155
SOC #848
NEQRP #693
GORC #192