QRO is OK too


To me there is nothing more gratifying than working other QRO stations while I am QRP. I never advertise I am QRP until you exchange your station brag. Once they find out you are running 1 or 2 watts or even less they will do what ever they can to finish out the QSO and sometimes it is hard to get rid of them and move on but that's OK too. I can safely say 98 percent or more of my contacts are QRO stations and if it wasn't for them we probably would have lost the CW portion a long time ago.

I'll have to go along with Wayne as technique makes all the difference in the world.

Last night was one of those good nights as I made 10 or so contacts on 40 working from an IC-7800 to a DX-20 then worked a gent with a IC-7200 which was 78 years old and has held a ticked longer than I have been alive. He was so thrilled I was running 1 watt with such a strong signal and complemented on how easy my fist was to copy as I was using a straight key as he was. I mentioned my key was home brew and he was using a J-48. Got an email from him this morning as he really enjoyed our QSO and read my QRZ page and enjoyed it very much as well. Also the DX-20 gent I have worked twice before in the past.

I Have not worked any DX since I have lived at my current QTH going on 6 years and am not bothered at all by it. Sure it is fun like going to Southern England but there is so much to do and see in my own back yard. It's just like travelling as everyone wants to travel the world but there is so much to see here in my own country. When you least expect it is when DX is the most fun.

QRO is OK by me