THD7A(G) Kenwood Ht and Accessories for sale

Johnny AC0BQ

Gm Group:
Nice and snowy here in SE KS this am, about 6 inches and 30 mph winds!
Beautiful Spring day!

I have for sale a very nice THD7A(G) with lots of accessories.
It comes with a belt clip/soft case, smc-34 hand mike, PG-3j power
plug, BC-17 wall wart,charger, a new ems30 fast charger with a pb-39h
battery, a bf-11 battery holder, a GPS 2 Bionics GPS puck, several
comm cables to interface it to a PC, and a BD-35 Mirage 144/440
amplifier, for mobile use. The amp is rated for 45w and 35w
The only defect I can find is a small crack in the face plate about
1/4 inch long just above the power switch, and it' hard to see!
I am asking $425.00 for the package, firm, including shipping in the
USA, only please.
I would prefer pay pal, but a USPS money order is fine too, would
prefer a verifiable street address, no po boxes.
I have pictures available on request, but did not want to load up the
Below is the scoop on the specs from Kenwood.
Thanks 72
Johnny AC0BQ

The Kenwood TH-D7AG Data Communicator is equipped with a built-in TNC
(1200/9600) and provides APRS® (Automatic Packet/Position Reporting
System). APRS® lets you transmit your coordinates to a friend who can
then pinpoint your position using a map on a computer. You can input
your latitude and longitude manually or connect a NMEA-0183 compatible
GPS (not supplied) for automatic operation (Tx interval .5, 1, 2, 3,
5, 10, 20 or 30 mins). Other features include: CTCSS, 200 8-character
memories, 10 DTMF memories, dual receive on the same band V+V (VHF
only) and backlit keys. RF output is 2.5/2 watts with the supplied
PB-38 battery, 5/5 watts with the optional PB-39 battery or 6/5.5W
from 13.8 VDC. And the TH-D7AG can employeed as part of Kenwood’s
Skycommand System II+ when used with the TS-2000 series and newer
Kenwood radio's.
The TH-D7AG is only 2.25 x 4.75 x 1.5 inches 12 oz (54x120x36mm 340g).