10 Meter Experience

Dan Reynolds

I know everyone has been talking about the sunspots this week but the far support on my W3EDP is down so my antenna is drooping badly.

Well a local guy called me on the phone this evening, I think about French Guiana or something - I don't know my mind glazed over at the thoughts of DX...
Anyway, I got on 10 meters and it was a zoo! I think the CQ SSB contest is going on or something...

I got a Mexico contact and then I got LP1H. He was loud and clear. Heck I didn't even know where LP1H was! So, I entered it in the log (I used QRZ.com for my log) and I looked down and it said Argentina. I think to myself. Hmmm... wow and then I looked at the distance! 5186 miles! What? My antenna is on the ground partly! How can that be? Another 1000 mile/watt SSB contact.
I'm in shock. Total shock.