FOX: N8SS and WC7S 80M Fox Thurs

Dale Putnam

WC7S 80m Fox
  I am the other FOX Thurs evening. Located in Cheyenne, Wy. and using a promising new designed antenna, (at least new to me, and 
having spent the last 3 months modeling it nearly every day)... I'll call it a "BowTie". It is at 50 ft on a tower.
With it under test... and props the way they look to be... maybe we can give it a good wringing out.. on 80m coast to coast and border to border. 
The Wx forecast is for snow... so we'll get to see how it does in snow static too. I'll be running 5 w from a K2, working split until the rush is over.. 
then I'll start checking on my tx freq. To start with, please spread out.. I have a vfo and I know how to use the knob... (grin)... the freq offset is only
one part of the equation to be heard.. the other part of it is timing. I may do the list thing.. listen a bit longer.. make a list, then call the listed stations, 
one after another... giving my information only once...then listening after each call for the exchange from you, after calling your call. IF I can get that going, 
it should be more efficient for us, saving time and allowing more pelts. The other improvement, on this end... will be a different way of handling the rst reports.
Tues evening, I tried to give honest assessment reports... with a properly calibrated S meter. I found that very difficult to obtain, and keep the flow going well..
so watch for a change there. Might be that I learn how to do it the right way, and still provide honest reports. 
  Good LUck to each of you, hope to see you all in my log after Thurs nite hunt, at 0200z between the trees marked 3550 and 3570 in the 80 acre wood. 
It's the fastest 90 minutes in radio. 

Have a great day,
--... ...-- Dale - WC7S in Wy

 N8SS 80M Fox

I am one of the foxii for Thursday night.

I am located in Detroit. From here there is no meters like 80 meters so I expect to have coast to coast propagation during the hunt period.

Its 5 watts to a dipole at 90 feet.

I am sure I will start out working split and listening up but will change to simplex as soon as the pile gets whittled down.

CU in the log Thursday night.

RST MI Earl 5W