Club Membership and Member Numbers


Anyone with an interest in QRP operation and equipment may become a member of 4SQRP.

The usual process is that an interested person follows the link to joining the email reflector on the group web page. When Gary or I process the request to add you to the mailing list we also add your call sign to the operator database which automatically assigns you a number. You can find your number or anyone else's by going to the Operator List and hovering your mouse over the call sign.

Sometimes people will get added to the mailing list but not the operator list. Typically there are one of two reasons for that happening:
  1. When you signed up you didn't provide a call sign or one was not part of your email address.
  2. We just plain messed up and something happened which distracted us from adding it.
List moderator duties are shared between two of us. Gary W5REJ and myself Tim N9PUZ. There is no plan for who is on duty and what time. You can reach us the fastest by sending an email to:


Email sent to that address will go to both of us and will get you the quickest response.

73 and I hope to see you all at Ozarkon!

4SQRP Mailing List Co-Moderator