Backing up Email


I hadnt backed up my email messages, folders, address boook, etc, andwas feeling
vulnerable. It would have been a nightmare to lose all the Four State info. I
use Outlook Express and to say that the manual backup routine is convoluted is a
huge understatement.

Looking around for a backup utility program, I stumbled upon Amic Email Backup.
It will backup everything, folders, filters, messages, anf address book. for 11
different email programs including most, if not all, of the commonly used ones.
Plus it can be scheduled to run whenever you wish. Recovery looks to be a 1
click event.

Amic offers a free version good for 15 days. It's incredibly easy to use, and
now I'm breathing easier. Usual disclaimers of course. There are others out
there too, and all look to be much easier than backing up manually.

I love this radio stuff !


Terry , Thanks for the email backup Share ! i have been thinking about this as well, but since i saved all my emails from '98 @ 125k, maybe i should just do a spring cleaning and start anew ! hihi.   , Have Fun, AJ KF5ZYB