Punk, Part 2

Michael McEwen

Great discussion folks.  My issue may have been misunderstood...my bad.  I just wanted the simplest antenna for 40M CW for my homebrew rig tht I use to entice (I hope) people, especially kids, in to considering our avocation.  I do have a multiband/mode TXCVR and Par Endfedz and AlexLoop antennas for my "hard core" MP/portable ops.

I was hoping that my "no cabinet" open rig, simple "quick up" antenna and straight key might attract some people who assume our hobby is only for rich folks who spend many thousand $ for the super rigs/amps/antennas.  I have been donating copies of QST to Army libraries and public schools for years...by far the greatest interest has not been them but rather "radio in the park" with simple gear. 

My punk antenna to start is going to be a 40M hamstick mounted on a large pizza pan with 4 wire coat hanger radials attached by bolts/wing nuts.  I will appreciate any more discussion on the issue, but want to give this a test and post results.
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