Wherefore art thou Bayou Jumper?


What is the Status?



on such a project there must be some covertness - you know these kind of things saved the free world.  I got this suspicion that quality control wishes to deliver all the parts required, and won't sell the incomplete kit to you.  

yes Regen's have their charm -- did the Kitchin high performance one, a homebrew rendition of the Ozark Patrol - and a WBR. 

yikes even this project from my youth calling my name (but OP has to work a lot better):


hang in there as the volunteers complete their mission,  if we miss the first batch, if it sells that fast - I can imagine the treasury will see that there are more.  trying to do more homebrew here and less kits - but the siren song of the regen prevails. 

CUL Curt