I'm still alive

John Lonigro

Well, I have to apologize. Here it is July 17th and I have yet to post the results from the Second Sunday Sprint, which was over a week ago! Sorry about that. Last week's temperatures around St. Louis were hovering near or above 100 degrees most of the week. For that reason, I ran errands and rode my bike in the morning, which is when I typically tabulate the SSS scores. I had plenty of time in the afternoon, when I stayed indoors a lot, so my main excuse is "I forgot". August may be just as bad. I'll try harder.

That being said, I took a look at the automated logging comments (thanks again, Diz) and, unless I missed something, didn't see any successful sideband QSOs or even any unsuccessful attempts. Perhaps people tried, failed, and didn't bother making an entry in the log. While everyone is encouraged to check out the sideband watering holes every once in a while, I'm not going to mention it again for a while. It seems that CW is hard enough and won't get any easier for several years, based on solar activity.

The winner for July is Bill, KV6Z, with 15 QSO points. Congratulations! As usual, Bill will get his certificate emailed to him shortly, unless I forget! Johnny, AC0BQ, came in second with 10 points followed by Gary, KF7WNS, with 8. All in all, we had 9 people enter the contest, most notably Joe, W0MQY. This is Joe's first entry for 2017. Welcome Joe! It looks like we can expect approximately 10 people to enter the contest each month. It's not a great showing, but it's sufficient to keep the contest running. As always, the more the merrier, plus the more people listening, the more QSOs we'll have. More QSOs means more FUN.

The overall 2017 leader is also Bill, KV6Z, with 116 QSO points, followed by Gary, KF7WNS, with 86 points, and Chas, W2SH, with 84. It's not too late to catch up with these guys. We are only slightly past the halfway point in the contest. And, of course, the individual monthly winners from August through December are still up for grabs.

72 and I hope to be more timely next month,

John, AA0VE
4SQRP Contest Coordinator (when he remembers)