My new Cricket 80A and an offer...


Just completed the new 80A and it performs very well with whatever crystal.  Using a 9V battery it seems to put out close to 1W.  In my opinion this is quite a value for the price charged.

So, having a "slightly" used 80 on hand with 20 QSOs under it's belt, would like to increase the Cricket population in the wild.  If someone will promise to (1) actually use the radio, and (2) reimburse the $7 priority USPS once received, will send it on it's way after Christmas with a colorburst and a 3.550 tall crystal that works well.

Contact me offline at my QRZ email address, first come/first served.

Merry Christmas, 72 Curt KB5JO (Cricket #005)


Well that was quick!  Already someone who wanted the 80.  Thanks for the bandwidth and again Merry Christmas.

72 Curt KB5JO (Cricketeer 005)

Walter - K5EST

That is real Ham radio, Curt!
Tis the Season! I'm happy someone will join in the Cricket orchestra.

Walter Dufrain - K5EST
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