background on 1916 Telegrapher magazine


This magazine in our files was originally found by a parishioner of Rev. Worth, WA0QZK in a second hand
store in northern Indiana. The lady gave it to WA0QZK and he and I began researching for subsequent editions of the
magazine. There isn't any reference to previous copies that we can find. We were quite hopeful that
we could assemble a full set of the publication and I'm sure that you all would appreciate that as well.
Since there is such detailed day-to-day social information in the magazine it doesn't seem correct that
it is a single issue situation. We assume that there must have been a magazine by a different name
and that this was at attempt to modernize the publication or usurp it. At least we get a glimpse of life 
at the telegraph key a century ago, and that is great! 

While searching for similar or subsequent telegraph magazines, we did run across a 1916 yearbook of
the Beloit, Kansas, public high school. It contained stories of students that were routinely intoxicated in
class and references to students that openly smoked tobacco products in class. The book was decorated
with student drawings that pictured smoking as a routine activity by many of the students! How things
have changed. 

72, Roy, AC9DN