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Perhaps a bit of explanation of our rules and guidelines is in order.

4SQRP operates this list to provide a place to discuss general QRP activities, 4SQRP specific activities such as Ozarkcon, Brutus Bash, etc. 4SQRP also uses it to support the kits produced and sold by the group. These kit sales help defray the cost of our events like Ozarkcon.

We generally do not allow discussion and support of other clubs or commercial vendor's products and kits. We feel it is better to get your support from those suppliers directly. That doesn't mean you cannot mention other products. If someone posts something along the line of "Hey, have you seen the new 4 band QRP rig from XYZ company? It looks like a great combination of features." that's perfectly okay, or "My wife and kids bought me an Elecraft KX3 for my birthday." is fine as well. However, if your shiny new KX3 has a problem, you should ask for support on the Elecraft list, not here.

The rules for the list are agreed on by the 4SQRP Board of Directors. In general, the Moderators have input to the rules but we don't just pluck them out of thin air. We do try to apply them equally to everyone. A great example, without naming names, is there was a thread started last year by one of the board members asking about a problem with another group's product. We deleted his post and reminded him of the rules just like any other user (He also received some good-natured ribbing for his infraction!)

We aren't attorneys. The rules are short in hopes that they'll be easy to follow. I'm sure they don't cover every conceivable situation, and we don't try. If we do delete a post we almost always tell the poster why privately. No one gets booted off the list for a first infraction. Our goal is to try and provide a friendly list that most everyone will find helpful.

Please don't be a lid. We're not vengeful; we can be provoked.

Tim N9PUZ, on behalf of the Moderators