A great start to a new year


First let me wish everyone a healthy and happy new year. It was a great
start to the new year here in Huntsville Al. Temperatures in the 70s and a sunny afternoon so I was able to play radio outside in my car port. First I played with the buddy stick to get low swr on 40, 30, and 20. Then I hooked up the Hilltoppers 40 fed through the 4S tuner to ensure the finals stay happy and had several very enjoyable rag chews. The Hilltoppers are wonderful rigs and the 4S tuner has the best matching range of any tuner I have ever used. Yesterday I installed the updated audio amp chip in the Hilltoppers 40, and 20 as well as changing R5 and C22 to get about 3db more audio gain. I did the mod even though I only experienced the audio howl once in operating the 20. I can't thank the club enough for providing such high quality kits for the QRP community. And a special thanks to Dave Benson for the Hilltopper design and to David Cripe for his wonderful tuner design. Both kits are real winners.