Need help with software for Modular 40 meter CW transceiver from Aug 2016 QST


I have the 40 meter Modular QRP CW transceiver from the August 2016 QST. Does anyone know where I can
find a copy of the firmware? It was working fine until I recently took it out of mothballs, only to find the software 
was corrupted and it did not work.
Thanks in advance for any help .


Marc N4DR



Did you try the author, was this w8tee? Was this the rig that used the 49er board from far east? I assume you checked qst archives.


Jerome Wysocki

You might try the ARRL website, for supplemental files from that QST article. I believe they had those supplements, even then. Or, look at the original QST article, print or online. Perhaps it is mentioned there, as a footnote at the end of the article. Either way, I hope you find it.
... Jerry Wysocki, KC9JXE

Jim, N5IB

The article was actually in the March 2016 QST. It was the 49er with the DDS VFO.
The firmware can be found in the zipped folder posted on "QST in Depth" for that month:


Richard Dodd

There is a group for this project (SoftwareControlledHamRadio).  However, newer projects by the author have taken over the content.
I wrote my own firmware for the VFO and made it available to the group.  I think the files have disappeared from the group files area.

However, the PDF instructions are still there.

The source for my firmware is here in github:

I added quite a bit of functionality.  A video demo is here:


David Kukulka, AB9BZ

Thanks for posting this Richard, you've re sparked my interest in your rendition of the 49er vfo project.
I really like your code layout and the features that you added. I was able to tinker with your project
and got it to compile using the Arduino 1.8.12 IDE on ubuntu Linux. I then noticed some quirky
behavior and have added the code changes that you specified in the pdf. I was also a little puzzled
by the arduino output 13 keying the rig with +5V and decided that this output would drive an
opto-isolater that would key the rig. I made a call and was quickly picked up on RBN.
Now I'm working on reducing the BCI.

Thanks for putting your code out there for an interesting project.

Dave ab9bz

Richard Dodd

I'm so glad you got yours working.  That was such a fun project.  

I think there is a bug in the version on github.  Sometimes the voltage displayed doesn't refresh when coming out of the menus.

It happens if you have a really stable supply.  It only updates when the voltage changes so it just never updates.

I think it was a pretty simple fix.  If you experience that, I can find the fix in my code and relay it to you.




Richard, I just took a look at your code; WOW! Well Commented!!
I'll have to spend a bit on Google to figure out how you stitched that all together :)

I put my rig together in '15, but converted it to VFO in 2019 as a learning project.
The programming is pretty basic; VFO, frequency step (10K, 1K, 100hz) ,and the Arduino monitors the straight key which keys the Fourty-9er,

, Ron WB9YZU