80 meter PSK net

Bill Cromwell


I watched the 80 meter PSK net at 10 PM - Eastern Time. I have used RTTY
and Amtor but not PSK and not on soundcards before. With a few software
tweaks I was getting pretty good copy. I would have transmitted but the
cable I made for my transmitter last year is in a safe place. That place
is so safe that I cannot get to it (evil grin). Most of the time I was
looking at hints of signal on the waterfall but still getting usable
copy on the screen. Some of the other signals I saw looked like they
were overdriving the transmitter - one of them so bad it looked like two

I'll run out for a missing connector and some more shielded cable about
tomorrow or Saturday and get back on the air with the soundcard. Once I
make that new cable the old one will magically appear. I suppose it's
good to have a spare.

Have fun at Ozarkon.


Bill KU8H