Trojan Horse Radio @ Ice Station Zebra, 5 April 21, 14061 kHz, 1900z.

w0rw <w0rw1@...>

W0RW  operating from Ice Station Zebra, <>. 

Date:  5 April, 2021
Freq:   14061 kHz +/- 1. 

Time:  1900z, (1500 EDT). 

The snow is melting fast now.


I will be using my Trojan Horse Radio,  

It looks like a real PRC319 but it has a '1 Watter'  inside 


driving a Pacific Antenna  10W amplifier  <> . 

 It also has a QRPguys Digital Frequency counter in the display window  

 <>, all sealed in a water tight, goat proof case. 


 You can see photos of the 'PRC319 Lite' in CQ Magazine, June 2017,  

or QRP Quarterly, Oct. 2016.  

It  weighs about 7 pounds with a  LiIon battery pack. 

Barely enough weight to keep a whip vertical. 

  Paul w0rw 

@ Ice Station Zebra, Colorado