Second Sunday Sprint (Ozarkcon Edition)

John Lonigro

This Sunday is the April Second Sunday Sprint (SSS).  Since it falls on Ozarkcon weekend, we've added a special twist to this month's SSS.  Whoever comes in first receives his choice of either a K1SWL Freq-Mite audible frequency counter (a $22 value) or an NM0S Hi-Per-Mite CW Filter (a $28 value).  When the 1st place certificate is sent to the winner, I will ask him to specify which kit he desires and where he wants it shipped (US only).  I'll take care of it from there.  All other sprint rules remain unchanged.

This offer is strictly for the April, 2022 Second Sunday Sprint. Subsequent sprint winners will have only the coveted certificate emailed to them as in previous months.

Note:  In the event of a first place tie, the winner will be whoever has the most member QSOs.  If that still results in a tie, I'll have to come up with something...

Hope to see everyone at virtual Ozarkcon this Saturday!

John, AA0VE
4SQRP Contest Coordinator