OzarkCon Transcription


Is any of the presentation content going to be put up on the website?

George Phoenix

Like many my age I'm not deaf, but I suffer from CNS (Can't Hear Sh1t).  I recently found the app "Live Transcribe", and it has changed my life.  I've been using it during Zoom calls, so I had it on hand for OzarkCon.  Given the average age of an OzarkCon attendee (we did a show of hands a couple of years ago), it occurred to me that others might benefit from it too.  So I made an impromptu additional connection with my tablet, and aimed it at my phone.

I don't know if anyone else used it, but I pinned it on Zoom, and it worked for me.  I had some technical problems.  At one point it lost power and I had to reboot it.  Well, as luck would have it, Windows 10 decided that this was a splendid time to update, which took a while...

All things considered, I thought OzarkCon went pretty well.

73 de George Phoenix, KD0RII