Second Sunday Sprint (Ozarkcon edition) results

John Lonigro

Well, we can now officially say that Ozarkcon 2021 is history, with the results of the Second Sunday Sprint now being announced.  I was hoping to see 15-20 people enter this month, but we only had 9.  As you know, this month's edition of the SSS had a slight twist.  The winner gets his choice of either a K1SWL Freq-Mite Morse frequency annunciator kit or a Hi-Per-Mite CW Filter kit. That winner is (drum roll please!) Carl WB0CFF, with 22 QSO points.  Carl blew away the competition this weekend, almost getting double the number of points as 2nd place Glenn N4MJ (12 points).  Coming in third was Nick WB5BKL with 8 QSO points.  Congratulations to Carl, who needs to contact me with his prize selection.  I will take it from there. Carl will receive his certificate shortly.

Carl (WB0CFF) is also in the contest lead for the year, with 61 total points vs 37 for Glenn (N4MJ).  We are already 33% of the way through 2021 (hard to believe, isn't it?).

Congratulations to all who participated, including John AL7JK, from Eagle River, Alaska.  Sorry you couldn't snag at least one contact, John, but you had a good excuse, being several thousand miles from the next closest member.  Keep plugging away!

Next month is the annual Mother's Day SSS.  No special prizes for May, as we revert to our normal format.

Until then, 72,

John, AA0VE
4SQRP Contest Coordinator